Sunday, April 26, 2020

Top 10 Worst People on Below Deck

This was really hard because there are so many pieces of shit on this show and this is coming from someone who regularly watches several Real Housewives franchises.

10. CJ (season 1)

I don't really remember a lot about him except that he was predator and looked like Willy Wonka. 
Favorite Quote: Not sure but probably something like "the Candy Man can."

9. Jen (season 5)
Left her child to follow her dreams of being a stewardess. Constantly complained about work and was terrible at her job.
Favorite Quote: "No matter what I do I can't do anything right." That's correct.

8. This bitch (season 6)
Below Deck Season 6, Episode 15 Recap: BitchFace Killah
Only has friends because she is rich. Tried to punch someone who was tending to her while she was a drunken idiot. 
Favorite Quote: "My heart is so full."

7. Tanner (season 7)
Tanner Sterback | Below Deck
Quintessential only child. Most likely still breast feeds. Calls Kate a bitch several times but is also desperate to sleep with her. Actually much better than most of the men on this season who were all absolute scum and yet here he is.
Favorite Quote: "I'm excited to get home and see my mom."

6. The woman who refused to share her room so her friend had to sleep in the captain's room and Captain Lee had to sleep on a couch!!!!!
Jamie Stone (@ItsJamieStone) | Twitter
Favorite Quote: (when asked if she could share her room on a luxury yacht) "That's actually not an option."

5. The woman who said "chicken is what poor people eat" while wearing a SCRUNCHIE TO DINNER ON A YACHT!!!
Fans slam Below Deck guest for saying 'chicken is what poor people ...

4. Chandler (season 6)
Watch Captain Lee Fires Chandler Brooks | Below Deck Season 6 ...
Bosun who took no responsibility for anything. Was mostly napping when he wasn't yelling at Rhylee.
Favorite Quote: "I'm a big boy. I can have ice cream."

3. Kevin (season 7)
Kevin Dobson | Below Deck
Extremely mediocre chef. Tells Kate she doesn't have a palette while also considering chicken parm gourmet. Kicks sand in her face. Like Tanner, and Chandler, and all of the men on Season 7, is an actual baby.

2. Trevor (season 4)
Below Deck's Trevor Walker: Where is He Now? | Below Deck Blog
Truly so aptly named!!! Congrats to Trevor's parents. Looks like he wore Fox Racing hats in high school and called everyone he was intimidated by a faggot.
Favorite Quote: "I was a hair model."

1. Ashton, bru (season 7)
Ashton Pienaar (@AshtonPienaar) | Twitter
Read the textbook on how to be a misogynist piece of shit. Left yachting to " help people transform their bodies eating the foods they enjoy & living their best life" !!!!! Tries to fuck EVERYONE and when denied says things like "I wasn't into her anyway" and "I'm so tired of working so hard to get my dick sucked." 
Favorite Quote: "I almost died." Too bad for us all really. 

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