Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bad Feminist

I'm a bad feminist and here's why: 

I've been sexually harassed on multiple occasions (in the past and recently and continually), and at no time did I speak up nor defend myself.

This keeps me up at night: thinking about these incidents and feeling guilty for ~putting myself in those situations~.

I know it’s wrong to generalize a group of people (a good feminist wouldn’t do that), but men, you are so predictably awful, so often, even when I’ve truly, truly tried giving you the benefit of the doubt.

But I’ve also never said that to you when you’ve violated my trust. In fact, I think I said thank you(!) and pretended it was fine.

I have spent countless hours reassuring men of their worth, sacrificing my own in the process.

What else? 

I've watched women attack and tear each other down, and chose to step away, to say nothing, to protect myself and my feelings instead.

I shook my head at women for not supporting other women, but I did not support other women.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t leaned in, I haven’t asked for things I deserve, I haven’t convinced myself I deserve things. I’ve said nothing.

I’ve said nothing.
I’ve said nothing.
I’ve said nothing.

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