Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Shows (Updated)

I don't trust anyone who doesn't like candy corn. It's sugar and honey, you fucks. What's not to like?  Anyway, happy fall, guys. It's time to watch things DIE.

Here are some places I'll be over the next couple months:

October 5th, 8 pm: Limelight Comedy, Boston
October 11th, 8 pm: Unscene Comedy, Iron Furnace, Quincy
October 23rd, 8 pm: The Comedy Studio, Cambridge
November 5th, 8 pm: Sweet Caroline's, Fenway
November 15th, 8 pm: McGreevy's, Boston
November 20th, 9 pm: People's Show, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
November 26th, 7 pm: Boston Comedy Project, ImprovBoston, Cambridge

Check back for updates.

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