Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September Shows

Remember when I blogged? I was all like, "You guys, I boiled down my weekend into 10 bullet points just like Buzzfeed would want! I'm a writer! I swear! I can prove it. I spent $60,000 on an English degree and everything. What is Wordpress?"

Something like that.

Once a week, I look at myself in the mirror and think, "Maybe I should start blogging again." Then, I squeeze all of my blackheads until my face looks rug-burned and I forget why I went into the bathroom in the first place.

Instead of blogging, I've devoted all my ~free~ time to writing down joke ideas in my Notes app. Well thought out premises, like this one:

Displaying IMG_2743.jpg

People* have asked, so here are some places you can find me in September:

Wednesday, September ​7th: 8 pm, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, ImprovBoston, Cambridge.

Saturday, September 10th: 8 pm, Boston Comedy Chicks, Doyle's Cafe, Jamaica Plain.

​Thursday, September ​15th: 9 pm, Stand Up Break In,​ The​ Riot Theater, Jamaica Plain.

​Saturday, September ​24th: 9 pm, Battle Royale, ImprovBoston, Cambridge.

Check back for updates.

*My mom and dad.

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