Monday, June 1, 2015

Things I learned this weekend

Recipe here.

  • Make sure to check all your burners before you leave the house, because you might accidentally leave one on and then your whole apartment will smell of gas when you get home.
  • Boo can survive a 12-hour gas leak but having to sit on our front stoop for an hour while we wait for National Grid to show up causes him to panic.
  • Friday night was a lot of fun.
  • I've officially [barely] survived living alone for one year.
  • You can swim in the Charles River, just make sure you don't touch the sediment

  • I finally watched the Bruce Jenner 20/20 special. My favorite part was at the very end when Bruce's former Olympic competitor wrote in to express his support for Bruce and then ~joked~, "Wait, so I was beat by a girl?" It was so funny! And it really showed how far we've come when talking about gender.

  • Game of Thrones blew my mind last night. Daenerys + Tyrion 4-eva. 
  • I think it's a bummer that zombies can't come back and just, like, hang out with their friends.
  • Zombies can't swim. Or can they?

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