Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mad Max

I saw Mad Max this weekend. I realized afterwards that having not seen the previous Mad Max movies tainted my experience. Truthfully, I didn't love the movie. SORRY EVERYONE. One of the things I like most about dystopias is learning how humanity destroyed the world. There wasn't much of that in the movie, since apparently it was covered previously in the series. I thought this was a remake. I don't know anything about movies, you guys.

I also really wanted to see some bad-ass, futuristic animals, but there were none of those either. So many better dystopias out there, you guys. So many.

For example.

Or maybe I didn't like it because all women hate action movies! When are Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa going to fall in love??!?!  Just kidding, actually, my favorite part of the movie was their not falling in love. [ACTUALLY, my favorite part of the movie was when I got carded to buy a ticket. I look under 17, you guys. I feel infantile and it's amazing.]

Obviously, I went to see the movie because I heard of its "overt feminist agenda" that men's rights activists are all riled up about. (I told my friend, Kyle, this, and he responded, "Men's rights activists? That's actually a thing?" Bless his heart.) If "overt feminist agenda" means showing men and women in equal roles, then thank god for feminism, right? It was refreshing to see a dominant female character, but still, I never felt like women prevailed over men. In fact, everything sucked for pretty much everyone, equally. Maybe that's the danger of feminism! We're all going to end up thirsty in a desert and it's all women's fault! Or something.  I honestly really don't know what people were upset about.

Then again, there was that once scene where Max handed a gun over to Imperator to do the shooting and I felt every man's penis retract into his body at that moment. World domination is around the corner, ladies!

But until then, make sure the government is okay with your contraception choice.

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