Monday, February 16, 2015

The Winter of Discontent

Everyone in Boston is outrageously pissed about the weather. If you want to know how they feel, just stand in their general vicinity. Strangers will start complaining to you in the locker room about how terrible their lives are as the result of snow. Please, please stop talking to me A) because I don't care, B) because I don't know you, and C) because you're literally naked right now. Put on some clothes and go away from me.

I'm having an OK time this winter since I keep getting days off from work, have a pound of bacon in my fridge, and don't own a single thing of value that I would have to shovel out.  Enjoy your homes and cars, people! I'm sitting pretty in my managed apartment in rat city. Loves ya.

Now let's play a game:

Kill: Cupid... because he aint done shit for me.
Marry: Mother Nature... because it will literally shower you with attention.
F: The MBTA... because I always go for men who are unreliable and distant.

Your turn. 

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