Monday, December 29, 2014

This is mostly about TV.

I'm one of those very lucky people who got 11 days off for holidays I don't care about. I have so much free time and I don't know what to do with it besides watch TV and think about cleaning my apartment. I continue to watch Scandal even though I hate it. Some observations I've made:

  • Olivia Pope's facial expressions are literally repulsive.
  • She also never stops crying. How do you have this kind of job if you're so emotionally unstable?
  • Typical woman.
  • Just kidding.
  • This show could use some better writers.
  • And actors.
  • I would like to have sex with the president.

I also finally started watching The Wire, which is amazing when I can actually understand what they are saying.

Other things I've watched this week:

  • Die Hard - Surprisingly entertaining. My favorite part was when Snape had a goatee. 
  • Love, Actually - Easy to not pay attention to. My favorite part was when Snape snubbed Professor Trelawney. 
  • Obvious Child - Sort of funny, sort of boring .  The message seemed to be something like, just get pregnant on a one-night-stand and you can find love in the 21st century!  Maybe that wasn't the intended message, but it was what I heard. I mean, it seems like you either do that or go on Tinder, and I honestly can't say which is worse. 

On that note, maybe Netflix should create some type of dating app for people like me (read: lazy). It would be like, "this hetereosexual male in your neighborhood is also watching 30 Rock right now." And then you two can text back and forth about watching 30 Rock together and ultimately decide neither of you wants to leave his/her apartment, but at least you tried! That's the kind of dating app I can get on board with.

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