Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How I feel about Crossfit

[Since I've probably already lost a bunch of readers on account of my previous post, what's a few more?]

Me: Whenever I see pictures of people doing heavy squats at Crossfit, all I can think of is their asshole literally falling out of their body. Do you know what I mean?
Friend: Yes, I know what you mean. But also, I think Crossfit is a cult.
Me: Probably because once everyone's asshole falls out, no one else will be friends with them.


  1. what you are referring to is a prolapse and it is a very real and scary thing. according to tv commercials. who talk about vag prolapse. and something called a bladder mesh. TERRIFYING!

    1. VAGINAL MESH. Your vagina LITERALLY FALLS OUT OF YOU and then you have to patch it up. PATCH IT UP.

      I've been screaming about those commercials for months.


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