Monday, October 27, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. I appreciate my job a lot more when it involves wine and pizza and 3:30 p.m.
2. The texts from your ex instagram account is addicting.

3. I think "I hope you explode" might be the best comeback of all time.
4. You might think a talk about sexuality in young adult literature would be interesting, but it's not.
5. Tupelo in Inman Square has some bomb ass fried chicken.

6. I do not know how to pronounce Tupelo.
7. Or spell clothespins.
8. I swear I'm really very intelligent most of the time.
9. There are some wise slam poets from Berklee who say things like, "Judgment is pointless when we have the ability to ask and understand."
10. Beyonce is coming out with a new line of active wear. I can't wait to look so fierce on the elliptical.
11. Diwali might now be my favorite holiday.

12. Whatever those donuts-covered-in-honey things are -- I need them in my mouth at all times, basically.

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