Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day in the Life

This is a thing bloggers do, so I'm doing it. Here is a day in the life of Katie Que, specifically, Thursday, October 23, 2014:

  • Wake up circa 7 am, put on music, sing in the shower. Wonder if my neighbors hear me and consequently hate me for it. 
  • Actually I don't care at all. No one is friendly here and I'm still harboring resentment against the entire building because of that one person who STOLE my book.
  • Song choice:
  • Man at the bus-stop tries to talk to me. I wish I wasn't such an asshole, but seriously, stop, thanks.
  • Get to work and eat breakfast. I finally figured out a way to peel a hard-boiled egg that doesn't take 15 minutes. I consider this a victory.
  • Sit in my office for a while and do work-related things but definitely also spend a lot of time on Twitter.
  • One of my programs isn't working but I don't understand why. I try to explain this to my IT person but he's never even heard of this program because literally no one here knows what I do.
  • Become visibly overwhelmed because I don't like talking about computers with IT people because I don't know how they work. I swear I am only 28.
  • IT man reassures me, "Don't worry. You are a really smart person."
  • The program is magically fixed. I go back on Twitter.
  • Take a quick break and go to the gym. All the towels are "in the dryer". All the towels are always in the dryer.
  • There is no hot water in the locker room, yet again. I huddle in the corner of the shower and stick one body part into the water at a time.
  • The appeal of my free gym is fading rapidly.
  • My colleague and I decide to take our afternoon meeting out of the office to a cafe. I decide that all meetings should be held at cafes from here on out. 
  • The fire alarm goes off and we are required to evacuate. I decide that all meetings should abruptly end like this as well.
  • It's 5 pm! I more or less run out of my office.
  • There is a man on my bus who looks like a husky version of Jon Snow. I begin hyperventilating.
  • He gets off the bus. I am already over it.
  • I did a terrible job grocery shopping this week and have nothing at home to make for dinner. I go to CVS and buy overpriced tortilla chips, guacamole, and kit-kats. Only god can judge me.
  • I also really want wine, but it's like Noah's Ark outside right now, so I can't bring myself to go to the liquor store TWO blocks from my apartment. 
  • There is one lone beer in my fridge. This will do.
  • My nightly 1-3 hours of snacking period commences. 
  • I break shortly to take selfies with my cat.
  • Fuck! I missed Jeopardy! because of Thursday Night Football. Thursday Night Football is dumb. It's bad for everyone. It's bad for the world.
  • Start reading Gone Girl. Amy describes what it is like to be 32 and single. I think to myself, FML.
  • That's it. Time for bed. ✌️


  1. is the trick adding salt to the water?! that totally helps.

  2. Plans for Friday: stock the beer fridge.

  3. if you don't get with husky jon snow imma come up there and slap you. GET ON IT LADY!


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