Monday, August 11, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. If you accidentally send your resume to 900 people including your boss and coworkers, you might end up getting a raise.
2. Going to a bar in your hometown is a great reminder that who you were in high school means absolutely nothing.
3. I should appreciate where I grew up more, though.

4. My parents have had this painting in their house for decades, and I just realized how strange it is.

5. People who put their bags on the seat next to them on a crowded bus should be abandoned on the side of the road.
6. Men who sit with their LEGS SPREAD so that no one can fit in the seat next to theirs on a crowded bus should be publicly shamed.
7. No trip to the beach is complete without a quintessential beer-near-the-ocean shot.

8. I had a dream that I was learning how to play Dashboard Confessional songs on the guitar. What does it mean?!?!

9. This is next up on my reading list. Who's with me?

10. Someone let me know when the ice bucket challenge is over so I can return to Facebook.

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Thinking I should try the resume thing!

  2. Dahsboard will always remind me of my poor emo teenage days when my LIFE WAS SO HARD! not sure how i even survived.

  3. i'm with jessi. i could use a raise.


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