Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fantasy Draft

Last night was my fantasy draft. Unlike last year, when I spent hours researching players and earned an A+ draft only to come in second to last place, this year, I wung it and ended up with a solid B grade and a projection to finish first in the league. But I think Yahoo! is just getting my hopes up, and I want to keep my expectations incredibly low, like when I go on dates.

Fantasy football drafts are hard for me. For one thing, I morally refuse to draft rapists, which really limits my options, since the NFL is a classy group of people. Secondly, I feel superstitious about drafting Patriots. For instance, I was so close to getting my main man Edelman (WE TALKED ON TWITTER ONCE), but then I was like, if I take him and he gets hurt, it's going to be my fault.  So, I am happy to say I have not one Patriot on my team. This is good for multiple reasons.

And so it begins. And by that I mean the rage and elation that I experience during football season and project via social media. I apologize in advance.

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  1. i am participating in my first fantasy draft this year. i am already preparing to yell at the TV A LOT!


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