Monday, July 14, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. If you throw a ball for a dog once, you throw a ball for a dog 100 times.

2. This is the only 100 calorie pack I will ever care about.

3. Boo loves me so much more these days.

4. I incorporate Beyonce into all aspects of my life including baby showers.

5. I like Lake George more than Cape Cod. [Cue onslaught.]

6. I haven't cared about flavored iced coffee since 2004... but then I had this coconut iced coffee from Honey Dew.

7. Sorry I'm not sorry.

8. This is just a collection of photos you've probably already seen on instagram.

What did you learn this weekend? 


  1. That spicy guacamole needs to come in 6,000 calorie tubs.

  2. but no really why aren't we snap chat friends?!

  3. Coconut iced coffee needs to happen in my life soon.

  4. oh im sorry are you too good to be my snapchat friend?

    i just noticed brooke also just made a comment about snapchat. BE OUR FRIEND.

  5. You can never throw a ball just once for a dog, ask my two who never leave me alone.
    Queen Bey for the win!


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