Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't think she's just his little wife.

I know you've all been waiting for me to comment on the Beyonce / Jay-Z drama that's happening all over the internet right now, so here's my comment: WHATEVER.

I really don't care if they do or don't get divorced, and I also don't know why anyone would be shocked at this point. Beyonce has been writing songs about infidelity since 1999 and for some reason everyone's just noticing this now? Did everyone think Jay-Z was faithful to her up until this year?

Second of all, Beyonce doesn't need Jay-Z to be queen. Let's get real, Jay hasn't put out a good album since 2009. He's riding on Beyonce's coattails. 


And that's fine. I aspire to be the breadwinner of the family. You go, girl. 

And to everyone who is all like: "Their marriage is just a business deal!", my response is: Duh. Marriage has always been a business deal. Read the bible. 

The point is Beyonce is and will continue to be the most powerful female celebrity in the world, regardless. None of this matters. 

Bow down.

*And if all of this is just a rumor, then congratulations to them on their beautiful love affair. And all that money.

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  1. the fact that everyone is obsessing over the changed lyrics to resentment is ridiculous considering that song was originally written *for victoria beckham*. also, infidelity is one of the major pillars of r&b, both male and female. that doesn't always mean (in fact, it probably rarely means) it's coming from contemporaneous personal experience. for instance, mariah has cheating songs on her new album - are she and nick cannon getting divorced??? no one ever talks about that!


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