Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things I learned at some point in the recent past.

1. If you bought the wrong shoes for an outdoor wedding, you can use these so that your heels don't sink into the ground.


2. I almost always cry at weddings now.
3.  My friends are, like, really pretty.

4. No one delivers pizza to Lake George after 9 pm no matter how many times you call.
5. I'm only slightly taller than a 12-year-old.

6. If you hang out with all boys, people start thinking you are one.
7. You will also learn things like what a "minivan" is according to urban dictionary.
8. You probably shouldn't look that up at work.
9. Sometimes you think a door is open but really it's just made of glass.
10. I can no longer afford to feed Boo his vet-recommended cat food.
11. There should be WIC for cats.

12. These tacos are the tits.
13. I still haven't met anyone else in my apartment building, but I have decorated more of it.


14. I literally cannot believe no one has invented teleporting yet. What the fuck are you all doing while sitting in hours of traffic?
15. I need someone to confirm whether or not Mase is still a reverend.

16. This is the kind of stuff I spend my free time thinking about.


  1. oh now i know i shouldn't go urban d minivan and yet i know i am going to. also, when i was little i ran into my uncle's screen door and broke it. so there's that.

  2. Yes, those glass doors can be tricky :) We bought a lease for the cat to take him outside with us and we tried it out the other day on the porch. So, first of all he likes being outside when we hold him and he is very curious and stiffs around, sometimes he even meows at the door if we are sitting on the porch. Our door has a big window on the top half but is solid on the bottom, when we put him down he tired to jump through the closed door :( Clearly, he wanted to back in. 100% on board with teleporting...it's 2014 folks where is our advancements in transportation?!?


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