Monday, June 9, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. I have lived in my building for over a week and have yet to see another tenant.
2. I have no sense of taste when it comes to interior design. Someone needs to help me decorate my apartment.
That candle says "boo!" on it, so.

3. Living alone is hard. For instance, I locked myself out on the first night. The first night, you guys.
4. Having ADD is hard. For instance, I lost the keys to my rental car in HomeGoods and cried in the middle of the store.
5. I would literally not survive without the help of good friends.

6. Boo hid under my bed for two days, but he's now back to his normal self, waking me up 12 times a night and generally being an asshole.


 7. David Sedaris looked at me for 30 seconds and then totally accurately described my life.

8. I cried so much during Game of Thrones last night and I'm not even sure why.
9. I'm basically just always crying these days, I guess.
10. Seriously though, I'm really worried about Jon.


  1. YOU MET DAVID SEDARIS!!!! I am sooooo jealous!!!

  2. its okay, i cried in trader joes the other day when they were out of spring rolls. it happens...

  3. I cry all the time too... and I set my purse down in Walmart and walked off car keys, cell phone wallet, just walked off and left it. Thank God it was still there later ADD in its finest.

  4. You are too funny! And your couch + pillows looks cute! Miss don't have interior design skills!
    I like the pillows!

    Showered With Design

  5. So happy you didn't spoil GOT because I am 3 episodes behind. Good luck with all things apartment related!

  6. Well you may not be an interior decorator but your couch and pillows are super cute, so there's that.
    Sometimes you just have to cry. You feel a little bit better afterwards :)
    Ah, I am so far behind on GoT. Must catch up!


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