Friday, June 20, 2014

OMG Shoes.

I stopped buying / wearing cute shoes in 2011 after I had foot surgery, which left me immobile for weeks and did relatively nothing to change the quality of my feet. I've always had bad feet. In fact, my chiropractor told me I have the worst feet she's seen in all the years she's been a doctor and recommended that I spend nearly $1,000 on custom-made orthotics. I laughed and bought Tom's instead.

I have virtually no arch and my bones are popping out the sides of my feet, so basically I'm in constant pain whenever I'm upright. This is something I've gotten used to or at least tried to minimize by wearing practical (read: ugly) shoes.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I'm really digging the wedge sandals that are all the rage right now, and I just really want to fit in and look cute. So, the other day, I went to DSW and tried on about 30 pairs until I found the right ones, like Cinderella or whatever, and I was like, OMG these fit! How are they so comfortable? This is wonderful! I must spend money I don't have on them right now!  So that's what I did.

And then I wore them for ONE DAY and wanted to kill myself.  Turns out, the reason why they were "so comfortable" is because I wore them for 5 minutes around a store and not in real life in which you stand on a bus for an hour and then walk over fucking cobblestone because your city is old as shit and then climb approximately one million stairs to get to your office.

My feet fucking hurt. A lot. But I spent so much money on these MF shoes that I can't possibly admit defeat and stop wearing them. Is this what it's like to be girly?


  1. Haha Im sorry girl.. Im a flip flops with everything im not girly enough to be in pain for shoes.

  2. Dude. TOMS makes wedges. Game changer. They are mad comf.


    1. Yes! I actually meant to include this clip but I forgot. So accurate.

  4. you have officially know what it is to be girly now. it is zero fun and I hardly ever do it.

  5. I heard this, this weekend and I immediately thought about this post, If only I had thought of it sooner.


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