Friday, June 13, 2014

In case you guys were wondering how my dating life is going...

The one on the left is named Roo. ROO. I could have Roo and Boo! I can't even handle the thought of it. It doesn't even matter, though, since I'm not allowed to get another cat according to my landlord and also society.


  1. ahhh but boo and roo would be perfect together! screw the man and society, get the second cat!

    1. the problem is, if i do that, then i'd literally never screw the man, if you see what i mean.

  2. haha I had a rabbit at my old apartment they'll never know

  3. But Roo is too cute to say no to..

  4. KITTIES! I have two of my own and my husband has forbidden me from acquiring anymore animals. I would adopt another kitten in a HEARTBEAT if I could. Society and your landlord are lame. CAT LADIES FOREVER!


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