Monday, May 19, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. It's actually someone's job to sedate butterflies and put them in envelopes.

2. Men should be subjected to wedding showers, too.
3. I never thought I liked pepperoni before Friday night.
4. Whenever I have poutine, I imagine eating it with Drake.

5. You probably shouldn't shout, "Just live your fucking life!" out a window at the precise moment the oldest women on earth are walking by.
6. The Keytar Bear is back!

7. I will carry a nightstand for a mile so I don't have to pay full-price for a new one.

8. Daenerys knows what's up.
9. But, seriously, bring back the old Daario!


10. I just want to go into a completely empty room and dance like a maniac to this song:

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  1. oh poor butterflies :( i did not know that. and yes to the men + wedding showers.
    i need to watch last nights episode. and i want that nightstand!

  2. why is tune-yards so fabulous!!!! ? Also, the 1 mile walk was totally worth the saved money

  3. aww I didnt know that about butterflies either :(
    lol why exactly were you yelling that out of your window?

  4. That butterfly thing is freaky, but I feel like I need to be friends with keytar bear.

  5. That's all I was thinking during that scene - how much better old Daario would have been. WHY.


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