Monday, May 12, 2014

Thing I learned this weekend

1. One way to feel really young and hip is to go to the grocery store on Friday night for a Lean Cuisine and cat food.

Are they talking about the container itself or the people who eat from it?

2. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing when you can hang out with someone you haven't seen in 10 years and feel like nothing's changed.
3. Brazilian waxes are so out. Diamond cuts are forever.

4. This is a trend I was unaware of:

Cowboy hat, cowboy boots, RACOON TAIL.

5. I might be giving up on the bartender as I cannot keep up with his many suitors. Last time I was there, a man left him his number.  Not only do I have to compete with beautiful women, I have to compete with the gays, too. It's impossible!
6. has notified me that I also cannot afford to woo a bartender, so.


7. I guess I'll just have to go back to meeting men on the internet. (Call me!)
8. Speaking of men on the internet, where can I get an Oberyn?

Seriously though, call me.

9. Did anyone else start screaming during the dragon scene last night?
10. Boo didn't do shit for me on Mother's Day.


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  1. I also jumped at the dragon scene - but I'm sooooooo excited to see how badass they are later on. I've heard I should read the books then I'd know!

    Also, can we see this drop-dead gorgeous bartender or did I miss that tweet?

    1. While I have no doubt stalked him shamelessly, I have not yet reached the level of of crazy that involves photographing him, unfortunately for you all.

  2. You know? All I got from my dog for mother's day was a 7AM wakeup call. WTF? Wooing a bartender IS expensive! BUT--if you succeed at wooing the bartender it becomes exceedingly less expensive to go out ;) Free drinks for errrbody!

  3. diamonds are a girls best friend, you know.

    1. And soon they'll be man's best friend. Let's get this trend going.

  4. he didn't bring you any presents for mother's day? not even a dead bird or hairball? what a selfish fur baby!

  5. my babies didnt do anything either, how rude! ew diamonds. and even ew-er racoon tail?? ewww. and no! you go get that bartender.

  6. Diamonds are forever.. bahaha. Mint is the worst. It always tells me how poor I am.

  7. Ha! Hilarious. is a such a tool sometimes.
    Maybe if I give my dude a diamond, he'll give me one back??



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