Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

  • I almost always have crumbs in my hair and/or shirt.
  • I feel like a deadbeat mom because I'm hardly ever home these days. Is there a DSS for cats?
Love me.
  • When I'm trying to "watch my language" in public I say, "What the flink?" or "What the sneech?" instead of "What the fuck?" #doitforthekids
  • I think there are too many burger places in Boston. There, I said it.
  • I almost never brush my hair
  • I shattered my phone screen a few weeks ago, when I fell in the middle of the street and some bitches made fun of me ("That girl just ate shit!"). I was planning on living with it for the next year and a half until it actually cut my finger. So there's another $150 down the drain. 
  • It only took me 8 months to figure out how to update to iOS7 (slash give up and have my IT guy do it for me), so transferring all my data from one phone to another should be a breeze.
  • I keep getting severe headaches every time I do squats. I'm terrified I'm going to have an aneurysm at the gym. (Note: I am a hypochondriac.)

  • I'm all girl power and shit, but I could really use a boyfriend to help supplement my income.
  • Then again, I'm starting to worry that I'll never feel the way about a real man as I do Kit Harington.
Still posting pictures of him.
  • I love Kat for starting this linkup since it gives me another excuse to use bullet points and avoid actually writing.


  1. Why didn't your crumbs tweet get as many likes / retweets as your game of thrones one. That's hysterical!! (I know the real answer is the hashtag, but really).

    Bullet points always win!

  2. haha WebMD will be the end of me - i just googled 'does coconut oil cause chest pain' bc i've had a weird feeling in my chest all morning....

  3. I feel like a bad mom too! My cats I'm sure don't even give any fucks long as I'm there enough to give them snacks. Speaking of the's really the reason why I shouldn't have kids...I have such a hard time censoring myself haha. Ooopssiess...

    1. I disagree! That is precisely why you should have kids. More of them need to learn what the *fuck* is up before they turn 18 and/or get pregnant.

  4. so for reals kit harrington needs to put his p in my v. or a doppleganger would even be nice. because DROOL.

    1. I would tell you to lay off, but no one should be denied THAT BODY.

  5. so. this morning i was eating breakfast in just my bra (because that is normal) and food actually got caught in my bra (which NEVER happens) and i legit got excited. normally i have to wearing a scarf for anything to get caught near my chest area.

  6. Hey Katie!! I laughed my bootie off at your ''curse'' words in public around kids! Hilarious! Sorry that happened to your finger, ouch! :( At least you got another one. And I always feel guilty about not being home enough for my 2 cats. Bad mother haha!! Have a great week dear! ;) xoxo


  7. I hardly ever brush my hair either. I usually wear it up unless I'm going out. I only brush it before I wash it which is like 3 times a week. #scrublife

  8. Replies
    1. Hahahaha, what the flink! Gets me every time.

  9. Thank you for confirming that exercise is bad for our health.

  10. -Bullet points are far better than paragraphs
    -"Why?" You might wonder
    - Because every separate thought is, indeed, separated
    -Coffee is also great


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