Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

  • I do not know how I lived without this item for so many years. So many lemon squares to come, you guys.

  • My sister's dog does not like to take selfies.


  • Do not try to take the bus from Plymouth back to Boston on Easter because you will get left on the side of the highway. Bus driver was all like, "This bus is full and there are no other busses coming, sorry." and then just ghosted right off.

  • My art skills could use some work.


  • If you ask nicely, your friends will let you reenact The Babysitters Club in the middle of a party.

  • I met a girl from NYC who writes for magazines and got to interview DRAKE. And she was all like, "But it was only over the phone."  

  • Sometimes when it's really nice out, I like to go to windowless bars and play video games.

  • Going to Brighton on Marathon Monday is a stark reminder that you are now old as shit.
  • Apparently, Boston Strong just means wearing blue and yellow and drinking in your front yard.
  • The major effect terrorism had on the Marathon was that no one was allowed to cross the street; therefore, I was separated from half of my friends for most of the day.

  • Daenerys is like a smaller, cuter Abraham Lincoln.
  • I'm pretty sure I made that joke last year. 




  1. You kill me dead. Lol! And obviously it's no big deal that this girl got to interview Drake over a telephone. I mean geez, everyone's talking to celebs these days. In fact...excuse me...Gwen Stefani's calling me now.

  2. that egg is totes flawless. totes. SORRY IM LINKING UP LATE.

  3. wait? so how did you get home?!

    1. This is that moment when I thank my parents for having my back.

  4. Thanks for recycling the Daenerys joke because I giggled. And love that you're caught up/obsessed like I am!

  5. Yeah I love finding Boston Bloggers!!! Anything in Boston can be made into a drinking event right? I can't believe the driver just left you there!!! I would have been like "I can just lap it let me on!!!!"


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