Friday, April 18, 2014

Katie Que&A

I am always shocked when people ask me for dating/relationship advice, given the fact that I'm perpetually single, but I actually get asked quite a bit. So, an internet friend of mine suggested that I start an advice column, and thus, Katie Qué&A was born.

Each week, I will provide someone with sage advice about dating, using my extensive research in the field. Some of my experience includes:

  • Stalking 
  • Friend-zoning
  • Ghosting
  • Tweeting 

This concept will only work if you all send me your questions, so please do so in the comments or via email at I envision this primarily being a dating advice column, but other questions are welcome, too. I also have a lot of expertise in peanut butter, for example.

We'll start off this week with an easy question, suggested by my aforementioned internet friend:

Dear Katie Qué,

What advice would you give to a guy going on a first date?

I didn't know you in high school

Dear "I didn't know you in high school", 
First of all, arrive on time. No one wants to wait around for you (on that note, my sincerest apology to every guy I've ever gone out with). Also, bring a bag of bagels. At least a dozen -- you can freeze them. Why? Girls love carbs, for one thing.  Secondly, it would be a subtle suggestion that maybe you'll have breakfast together the next day. Either way, it's a win win. Unless you fucking blow it. 
Katie Qué

Need advice? Then contact me immediately because my blog depends on it. Otherwise, have a great weekend.

Disclaimer: Katie Qué is not qualified to give advice on dating, or really anything, for that matter. She has never been in a serious relationship, unless you include that with fast food establishments, particularly Domino's. Please take everything she says with a grain of salt. Better yet, a slice of pizza.


  1. I seriously can't wait to see your answers :D

  2. If a guy brought bagels on the first date I'd be putting OUT on the first date. Fact.

  3. i would even be nice and pick up the cream cheese for the bagel the next morning, because i would totally let him come home with me. i would maybe even put an egg on it!


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