Friday, April 11, 2014

Ghost Stories

I've received a number of emails/messages/comments about my post on Wednesday. Apparently ghosting is a world-wide epidemic. Just to clarify, that post was not meant as an attack on anyone specifically. If anything, it was a criticism of myself for being emotionally immature when it comes to relationships. It was also another excuse to keep looking at pictures of Kit Harington.

But, like, WHAT?

Anyway, I'm sorry if I offended any ghosts out there. Let it be known that we shall all be ghosts some day...

Needless to say, my post seemed to resonate with a lot of you who were gracious enough to share with me your own ghost stories. Here are a few notable quotes:

"I'm currently ghosting on someone. No text, no call, blocked on gchat, disappeared." Male, 31

"I went on a date with a guy from Match. It was good. Went on a second date a few days later. It, too, was good. He said he wanted to see me again, and  I left the ball in his court...silence." Female, 26

"She asked if I wanted to go to something with her, and I was like, 'Sorry, work is crazy, I can't go...' and then I disappeared." Male, 26

"I think I'm being ghosted on right now." Male, 27

And lastly, one of my own. This might ruin a chapter of my book for you, but oh well:
I had been dating this guy for a couple of months. One night, we were supposed to meet up for happy hour, and he never showed up. I also never heard from him again... A few months later, I bumped into him at a beer festival and he literally ran away from me. Literally ran.

Here's the thing, friends, unless you're Casper, you can't actually disappear, especially if you live in the same city. Just something to keep in mind.


  1. BOOM. love this. i love the males that admit to ghosting.

    1. Girls can be ghosts, too, though. GHOSTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

  2. bahahah he ran? so uncomfortable and awkward it's almost entertaining.

  3. Dear Katie Qué,

    I am currently scaling-down the time I spend with a woman who is interested in my affections. But I am still responding to her communications. I'm TRYING to do the right/mature thing but I fear that my tactics merely amount to leading someone on. Where is the temperate middle ground between ghosting and stalking?

    It is clear that you are a beacon of relationship wisdom, as you frequently post about such topics on the world wide web. (That is what constitutes expertise right?) I anxiously await your reply... although, not too anxiously. Like, I want you to reply, but it's cool if it takes you a little while. Like, I understand that you might be busy, or maybe you left your phone at home tonight... but please do get back to me. Or not.

    Spiriting in the South

    1. My recommendation would be to send a brief text that says, "I just wanna be friends. SRY." and then throw your phone across the room and never look at it again.

      Pro-tip: Insert the ghost emoji somewhere in there.

    2. Though it would be rude to post her response verbatim, she insinuated that "friends" can/do still hook up. Please advise.

    3. I say go for it! No strings attached sex -- what could possibly go wrong?

      Though as a cautionary measure, I'd advise bringing some kind of peace offering, like a cheese plate or a roll of quarters.


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