Monday, March 31, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. I've become a person who enjoys eating raw meat.

2. I went to 3 Little Figs on Saturday and got the lemon donut muffin. DONUT MUFFIN. I gasped and possibly started crying when I cracked it open and discovered the lemon creme inside.

3. Some of my friends hosted a Bedroom Kandi party on Saturday night. This happened:

4. The party concluded with all of us whipping and flogging each other. 
5. You might think putting Hello Kitty tattoos all over your body is a good idea until you have to go to work the next day.

6. I finally tried Tasty Burger. It made me question my feelings for Shake Shack. I'm still worried about it.
7. My years of sorority life had no impact on my beer pong skills.

8. I desperately need someone to help me organize my life.
9.  Please note the amount of cat treats I have in my possession. 

10. I now believe I have already met everyone I pass on the street because of Tinder.


  1. what kind of raw meat is that?

    there's no rhyme or reason when i have good or bad beer pong nights. so random.

    1. That would be beef tartare. It was so delicious. I've been thinking about it for days.

  2. flogging. hehe. also - i died when i saw that photo on instagram over the weekend died i tell you

    1. I never stopped laughing on Saturday night.

  3. Literally laughed out loud at the Hello Kitty tat. You are obviously super thug life, girlfriend.

  4. I want to comment again about Tinder but I won't - except that I'm scared people will recognize me who I've blatantly ignored and didn't reply to their sexual "sup?" advances.

    Let's be horrible at beer pong together?


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