Monday, March 24, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

In an effort to be frugal and healthy, I had some friends over for dinner instead of going out on Friday. First of all, I definitely spent as much on groceries as I would have going out to dinner, so what the fuck? Second of all, this happened:


That would be the top to my Martha Stewart Collection pot set. Another item lost/broken during my crusade to save money. I'm doing a great job!

Regardless, it was wonderful to spend some quality time with my friends in my "dining room" where we could actually hear each other talk. We recognized that, not so long ago, we would have been putting on heels to go out and drink ridiculously overpriced vodka sodas, or something equally mediocre, and now we look forward to exercising and going to bed at a reasonable hour on Fridays. Don't worry, though, I still overindulged on $3 Trader Joe's wine, which is seriously life-changing, if you didn't already know, which I'm sure you did.

I spent Saturday morning in bed thinking about going to the gym but mostly swiping left on Tinder. That's right, you guys, I have Tinder now! After literal months of trying to update my phone for the sole purpose of downloading the app, I finally succeeded on Friday.

Fitbit, Domino's, Tinder

I will say that Tinder has already taken over my life, and I love it. I plan on blogging about my Tinder experiences very soon, though I have been told that is cliche. I'm going to do it anyway.

Saturday afternoon, I showed my new-to-Boston friend how to use public transportation. As you may already know, I'm a huge fan (read: the only fan) of the MBTA, so I was thrilled to share my expert advice on things like how to avoid the B-Line or run after the bus that just passed you without stopping. I am a phenomenal teacher. I also got to play with his dog who is truly stunning:

I told him that I'm already having fantasies about his dog and my cat having their own instagram account. Keep your fingers crossed.

On Saturday night, I saw Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper for the second time this year. If you've been reading my blog and/or following me on Spotify over the past year, you already know that I am pretty much in love with her. So, of course, I went up to her after her set and said, "I haven't felt this way about someone since Fiona Apple." And I wonder why people think I'm gay.

On my way home, I tripped and fell on my face in the middle of the street, resulting in a bloody arm and shattered iPhone. So, just in case you haven't been paying attention, within 24 hours of updating my phone, which I had been trying to do for MONTHS, I break it. This is the way I live.


  1. oh man i can't wait to hear about your love of tinder. i don't get to partake in it myself, but i get my swipe on for my friends! it's so addicting. now i am off to listen to some lady lamb!

  2. i agree, i love the way you do weekend recaps. tinder, dominoes and fitbit. i like the way you think. i wish we had better transportation here, I swear I love it!


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