Monday, March 3, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. It takes me 20 minutes to pick out the cheese I'm going to eat alone on a Friday night.

I literally sung that out loud, of course.

2. If Boo and I recorded a hip-hop album, this would be the cover:

3. Girl Scouts are like little drug pushers.
4. I'm dominating in the kitchen. By that I mean I boss people around even though I really have no idea what I'm doing and set the smoke alarm off every time I toast a bagel.
5. This pizza came out bomb, though.

I love vegetables. 

6. These also came out bomb:
Tagalong cake bars.

7. Poverty apparently makes me domestic.
8. Some people take Pictionary way too seriously.
9. If you can figure out what this is, you get imaginary points that count toward nothing:

10.  I'm going to be homeless on June 1. This is pretty much all I talk about now, so get used to it. Also, do any of you want me (and Boo) to live on your couch this summer? Seriously, though.


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