Monday, February 24, 2014

Things I learned this weekend

1. "To Infinity and Beyonce" is definitely the best team name of all time.

2. Everyone has been caught looking at porn at some point in their lives.
3. Watching Cinemax After Dark was basically the only thing my friends and I did for fun in high school.
4. Our favorite movie was called Bikini-a-go-go.
5. We also hung out in the Wendy's parking lot, sometimes.
6. Yes, I have always been this cool.
7. If you don't have bean bags, beanie babies are an acceptable alternative for cornhole.

8. Why is it called cornhole, though?
9. Shake Shack is where love blossoms. I specifically did not order fries in an effort to be healthy (LOL), and some dude was like, "These are for you..." and I was like BE STILL MY HEART. Then I ate all of them and finished all of my friends', too.

10. People all over the country are concerned about where I'm going to live this summer and that makes me feel #blessed.


  1. be still my heart. when the boy buys the fries for you because you didn't out of health guilt.... that is for sure a blossoming something! also - are you trying to admit you watched cinemax after dark this weekend?

    1. haha, i wish i could afford a cable package that include cinemax after dark! i just reminisced with my high school friends about all the porn we watched. it was a lot.


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