Monday, February 10, 2014

Intervention! Intervention!

Hi, my name is Katie Qué, and I'm addicted to candy.

Seriously, though, it  dawned on me last week that I have a serious problem when I desperately searched for someone who could break my $20 just so that I could get M&Ms out of the vending machine. It took literally four people but I got my singles and also my fix.

I eat candy every day. Every. Day. That is fucking disgusting. I don't know when it started or why I let it continue, but it's certainly a problem. I was telling my friend that I think I need an intervention and she said, "At least it's not heroin." But, isn't it just as bad? If this keeps up, I'm almost definitely going to die of diabetes. It might take longer than a drug overdose but the result is the same: DEATH.

So, today I'm trying to go the whole day without having a piece of candy. Just one day. And trust me, it's been a challenge. So far, my caffeine intake has doubled because, as all addicts know, the key to beating addiction is by replacing one vice for another. This must be why there are always so many sketchy people at Starbucks.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers (if applicable).


  1. I'm pretty addicted to candy which is why I gave it up for February. Then on feb 1 some nice but jerk co worker brought a huge variety bag of deliciousness. I took like 7 pieces and im currently hoarding them in my desk. So March 1, it is going down.

  2. and if all else fails you can bang gail the snail. but no really good luck! i get the sugar munchies right around 2pm every daum day

  3. You are just too cute girl. Hope your mini intervention went well ;)
    xo TJ

  4. I LOVE candy. Those stores where you can walk in and be surrounded by wall-to-wall bins of bulk candy are my heaven. We should totally visit one next time you're in town and then pass out from the bliss. Not encouraging you at all here, I know.


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