Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things I learned this weekend

1. Going to the laundromat is like going to the gym: so dreadful, but so rewarding.
2. Bridget Jones's Diary is extremely relevant to my life.
3. So is Anna Karenina, though I'm only about 80 pages in and have approximately 600 more to go.

Yeah, I still write in my books.

4. I have the best roommate who will sacrifice her night to take me out because I've been screamo emo lately.

5. The Beat Hotel is awesome.
6. So is Aabaraki, who played there on Saturday.

7. We did spend TWENTY-TWO DOLLARS on hummus, but at least it was the best damn hummus I've ever had.
8. I am too ashamed to tell you how much I spent on manhattans.
9. The Arnold Arboretum is gorgeous. It only took me 5 years of living here to figure that out.

10. There are some scary M-F birds there, though.

Would totes murder your ass.


  1. the movie birds is my nightmare. they freak me out.

  2. I can't remember that guy's name, but he was anything but plain and ordinary in the movie. I now feel like his long red hair did a disservice to the book.


      But I think Domnhall Gleeson is totally plain and ordinary (looking, I mean ... he's otherwise kind of amazing) and it's a testament to Americans' Anglophilia (I know he's Irish, but it's all the same to America, right?) that he's the leading man in a romantic comedy with THE Rachel McAdams now.



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