Monday, November 11, 2013

Steve Harvey on Veterans Day

Today, on The Steve Harvey Show*, a female veteran called in to ask Steve what his thoughts were on a woman proposing to a man. His response was, "Why would you do that?" And then he proceeded to describe how she could take off her uniform when her man got home because she was taking her sergeant role too far.


So, if any of you were wondering why I chose not to go on his show...

Let's honor all of our veterans today.

*Disclaimer:  This was what was on when I turned on the TV.


  1. I don't want to agree with Steve, because the sergeant metaphor is dumb, but my male friends tell me all of the time that it has to be the man to do the hunting. I get impatient and ask men out all of the time, so no judgements, but I think we're only desirable when we're not so gettable.

  2. I get turned off when a guy is too forward with me, also. I don't think it's a genderized thing. The point is Steve Harvey is an asshole.

    Also, aren't all your male friends single?


  3. i am glad you did not go on Steve Harvey's show. that is all i have for you today.

  4. Ugh. I think everyone should do whatever he/she wants, including ask someone out/propose/refuse to cook/etc.

    But I totally believe even the most confident and secure men would think it was their "job" or whatever to do certain things, and would find it unattractive if women tried to eclipse them. Gender roles! WHOOOO.


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