Monday, October 28, 2013

Things I learned this weekend

1. It's exciting to have a weekend to yourself until you realize you're alone.
2. Summer Heights High is a show I wish I discovered years ago.

3. No matter how long you scrub your old Boston apartment tub, it will never really look or feel clean.
4. It took me two hours to clean my room/closet aka I am never allowed to go shopping again.
5. Give your guy friends a pie and they'll make a lot of jokes about your vagina.

6. The only reason why the Patriots win is because I have my fingers crossed.
7. It's totally unnecessary to facetime at the gym.

Just making sure you guys know I work out.

8. Cats behave better when you actually spend time with them.
9. Even if you do things like this:

POS kind of mother.

10. I am too old for the World Series.


  1. have you watched the first episode of ja'mie - private school girl?! so funny.


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