Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I learned this weekend

1. The surest way to feel old as shit is by going to homecoming.
          1a. Some guy I met in line for the bathroom guessed that I was 27 and then said, "No, there's no way               you're that old."
          1b. Another guy I met in line for the bathroom told me he kills bunnies for a living. #NewHampshire

2. Since I graduated, UNH has become infinitely nicer but also less fun. 
3. And/or I think everyone does coke now instead of binge drinking. Kids these days.
4. Even if you haven't seen her in years, your sorority sister will take your contact out of your eye for you.

5. The room I lived in for 2 years was deemed "unlivable" right after I graduated, so I almost definitely have some lingering disease.

6. College was absolutely the fattest time of my life, mainly because I lived in a sorority house with a kitchen that was fully stocked with chips and macaroni & cheese and cookie dough at all times. 
          6a. This made our house the most popular place to be at 3 am.
          6b. The way to a guy's heart (penis) is through his stomach. 
7. Now, my sorority locks the refrigerator, which only has yogurt in it anyway. I guess they're concerned about health or something.

8. I can't remember the last time I slept.
9. Target does not carry sexy direwolf costumes.

Sexy + Direwolf

10. One day, I will write a real blog post again.


  1. haha the sorority house i lived in had to start locking the fridge after i was done living there .. i am proud to have taken part in eating enough it had to be locked

  2. Surely I did not say I killed bunnies for a living. I raise rabbits for meat. My primary client is a family whose young boy is allergic to nearly all meats except for fish (not really a meat) and rabbit. I am an electrician, raising rabbits is solely a hobby. I did however enjoy our brief conversation so thank you.

    P.S. Never underestimate a drunk persons memory

    P.P.S. I'm from Massachusetts

    1. Well, I certainly underestimated the likelihood of your reading my blog. What I should have said is that you kill bunnies for a *hobby* ;)

    2. It's not everyday I meet someone who says they have a blog. I guess that sparked my curiosity. Just like it's not everyday you meet someone who raises rabbits. I will even admit that I know it's weird, but I've always had a passion for agriculture. Looks like you have a passion for writing. It's rarely wrong to follow your guy and do the things you love... Or I suppose that's my philosophy

    3. This thread caused me to snort coffee out my nose. painful, but worth it

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  4. Seems like conversations at UNH always start while waiting in line for the bathroom...


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