Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So many babies, so little time.

You guys, why am I still talking about babies? Is this what happens when you're in your late 20s? Help. I'm scared.

Really though, I just wanted to tell you all that my friend's baby is famous:

Ellen, so.

That kid's like 6 months old and just had to sit next to a cat to get on TV. I AM ALWAYS SITTING NEXT TO CATS. Why the fuck hasn't anyone giving me a show yet?  This world is messed up.

But also, so excited for you and your baby, Linds!


  1. i thought ellen did not stand for discrimination?! this is totally age discrimination.

  2. This is amazing. Although the photo doesn't seem to link back to your friend's blog in order to make her Internet-famous, so this is also a waste.

    1. That's because she doesn't have a blog. She has the love and adoration of her family and friends and that is enough. WHAT IS IT LIKE?


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