Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's your fantasy?

Despite my better judgement, I'm playing fantasy football this season. I think you guys already know how mentally ill I am when it comes to the Patriots, so I'm not sure projecting that sickness onto the entire league is a good idea, but oh well. Sorry in advance.

I spent two hours planning for my draft only to get 7th pick and have most of my top players RIPPED AWAY FROM ME. I threw many a virtual tantrum in the chat room. I am never dramatic.

Luckily, I had also come up with an extensive list of backups and ended up with an A+ roster, so. NBD.

I might as well start engraving my name on that trophy now.

As someone who was in school most her life, I really appreciate (read: need) the validation of a letter grade. So now that I'm not in school anymore, I have to focus on these types of accomplishments. It's for my self-esteem, you guys.

However, I do kind of feel like a degenerate since I went from getting a Master's at Harvard to managing a pretend football team online. Then again, I did study management, so I guess I'm putting my degree to good use. How many other people can say that?


  1. I saw that your team (barely) won yesterday. I saw it during the approximately three minutes of the Giants game we watched before my roommate got too mad and turned it off. So my liking football to impress boys is going really well so far.

  2. @unapologeticallymundane: Well, it seems like you were trash talking there (as you should because our offense looked like shit) so maybe your trying to like football is going better than you thought.

    Also, don't tell anyone this, but a tiny part of me was rooting for the Giants because I have Brandon Myers on my fantasy team. See what fantasy does to a person?


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