Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tinder Retraction

Since I'm essentially a journalist by internet standards (also I totally use to write for my high school's newspaper), I feel obligated to publish an official retraction in regards to my Tinder post. Since writing it, I've talked with a number of people I respect who are using Tinder to legitimately date. So, good for them.

Love in the 21st century.

Here are what I've concluded to be the perks of Tinder:
  1. It's free. 
  2. It's really not any more superficial than going up to someone you think is hot at a bar.
  3. No one goes up to anyone at a bar [in Boston] anyway.
  4. You can probably confirm through mutual friends that the other person is not a serial killer or a different gender than indicated.*
  5. Sometimes you might actually get a relationship out of it.
  6. It's free.
While I feel obligated to point these things out, I should also mentioned that I have talked to other people who do use it solely to have sex with strangers and/or boost their self-esteem. So what I'm saying is I wasn't totally wrong before. And that's what's most important.

*According to Catfish, there is a 50% chance the girl you're talking to online is a guy and vice versa.


  1. Oh! I wanted to tell you that I watched an episode of "Catfish" this week where the guy had been avoiding the girl solely because she had a son and he wanted to get his life in perfect order before inviting her and the son into it. LOVE.


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