Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crying at Movies

I'm not typically the kind of person who cries at movies. I generally reserve that kind of emotion for more serious things like not being able to hang a picture and football games. But, last night, I was watching The Family Stone at the gym and found myself crying on the elliptical like a fucking loser, and I was like,  Feelings? What? It was weird. It also made me think back to the few other times I can remember crying at movies, which include:

1. Bambi.  Um, what the hell, Disney? That is messed up. I'm pretty sure I've never actually seen the whole movie since I couldn't get past the BRUTAL MURDER in the very beginning.

2. Blood Diamond. Oh man, I was just sobbing in the theater,  thinking to myself,  "Fuck marriage! Fuck everything!"

3. Precious. There is literally nothing precious about that movie. Just when you think nothing worse could possibly happen, someone throws a baby down the stairs. THROWS A BABY. I don't even care about babies and I couldn't handle that. I was horrified and inconsolable the entire time. I actually had to go to the bathroom after the movie ended to continue crying for 10 additional minutes.

4. Les Mis. Okay, technically I didn't cry, but I felt like I was going to because that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I felt trapped in a $12 hell that I could have easily gotten out of, but felt bad abandoning my friends, so I just sat with pent up rage/thoughts of suicide for 8 fucking hours or however long it was.

The most mis, especially for me.

I think that's it. I usually laugh at my friends when the cry at movies because I'm heartless or, more likely, because I wasn't paying attention and don't know what they're crying about.


  1. Okay, the Family Stone is totally acceptable to cry at. When the crazy chick from Grey's who is preg in FS, climbs into bed with Diane Keaton? DEAD. When Diane Keaton and Craig T Nelson are all affectionate? CRYFEST. That whole movie was like a sadness mind fuck. You're forgiven.

  2. i am a huge sap these days. i cry at commercials, movies, the biggest loser... i don't what is happening. feelings? what r this?

  3. I remember crying during ET lol

  4. I cried ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH "City of Angels". In the theatre. With my sister and cousin laughing and pointing at me. Pretty sure I would do the same thing if I saw it today, too.


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