Thursday, August 29, 2013

No hope with dope.

Reggae and hip-hop were a large part of my childhood/adolescence. Did you guys know this about me? I used to be a lot cooler than I am now. Scratch that. I used to think I was a lot cooler than I actually was.


So, on that note, my dad and I are going to see Damian and Stephen Marley at the House of Blues in Boston tonight. If you haven't heard, the HOB was closed last night because some kids overdosed on E. Or was it molly? Or are those two things the same? I can't keep up. So many drugs, so little time. Anyway, I was a little concerned that the show would be cancelled, but luckily, the HOB reopened, so my dad and I can go jam. That's right, I said jam. 

The point is, this is why people shouldn't do drugs. Not because they might die, but because they might ruin a concert for me. 


  1. Am I the only one who finds it funny you are telling people to not do drugs so you can go to a Marley show?

  2. glad to hear my dad wasn't the only one obsessed with the marleys. he has a bob marley shirt he sports everywhere and loves the rest of the marleys too.


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