Monday, August 12, 2013


In lieu of a Things I learned this weekend, I'm just going to review the JT/JZ concert I went to this weekend. Did you guys know I went to that? I only posted about it on Facebook and Twitter like 100 times just so that everyone would know that my life was most likely better than theirs. So, hope you caught that.

As I'm sure you would expect, the show was INCREDIBLE. I felt so many emotions. I spent the majority of the concert trying not to pee my pants out of excitement (and also because I drank a lot of beer). However, I am going to make a controversial statement and say that I would have liked the show just as much if JT didn't even show up. I'M SORRY, EVERYONE. Jay-Z was off the chain. (Does going to a Jay-Z concert entitle me to use that phrase? I hope so.)  Seriously though, so M-F good. And I finally got to live out some of my teenage dreams. For those of you who don't know, I started listening to Jay-Z in middle school, during which I also had cornrows and wore Allen Iverson's number on a necklace, so. That's not even a joke, you guys.


Anyway, not only did it become apparent that I care way more about Jay-Z's music than I do Justin's, but I also realized that Jay-Z is a much better performer. Justin made the crowd sing at least half of all of his songs, and I was like, um, isn't this what I'm paying you for? Also, not that Jay-Z is humble or anything (best rapper alive!), but Justin's ego took over too many times when he looked expectantly at the crowd for adoration. This was usually during the times that we were singing his songs. Is there any way I can get a cut of his profits?

Another high quality photo.

Of course, the Boston Marathon cast a dark shadow over the show, as it has over all of Boston since April. Both Jay-Z and Justin paid their respects, so to speak, but it felt weird. Call me cynical (because I am), but there is something very disingenuous about a pop star calling out "Boston Strong" and girls everywhere swooning. And when Jay-Z performed "Heart Of The City," all I could think of was how the marathon bomber tweeted its lyrics right after attacking our city. So, that was a bummer.

An attempt at artistic photography. 

But, despite all this (because so far I mostly sound like a whiny bitch), the show was fantastic. And perhaps the only reason why I was so jaded by Justin is because I've seen him multiple times. Because not only did I have cornrows in middle school, I also wallpapered my room with 'N Sync pictures.


  1. i will take HOVA any day over JT. and yes, you are allowed to used 'off the chain' when referencing the concert. only time it's allowed though ;)

  2. I prefer Jay-Z so entirely to JT. Which isn't to say I'm not a JT fan, because I am, but I really kind of don't think there's even a contest.

    Anyway, mostly here to say I'm upset I have no recollection of you with cornrows. Pics immediately, please.

  3. @Kim, you met me during my Birkenstock phase, which was post-cornrow.

  4. I'm not sure I've ever heard a Jay-Z song in its entirety, and I really only like "Rock Your Body" when it comes to Justin, so I was prepared to hate this post, but it turns out that a concert review that doesn't actually talk about the music at all is totally my cup of tea. I also have to get behind any post that reveals you as a cornrow girl. (Tori Amos should have written that song. Are you too young to get Tori Amos references? God, I hope at least Kim would get that.) And in closing, I would like to mention that I worked at a science museum in college where we played the 'N Sync concert movie for approximately a year. And I was not horrified having to watch it every day for that entire year.

  5. that's actually really shitty of JayZ to perform that song. how uncomfortable! he prob didn't know about the tweet but come on, SOMEONE in his crew had to know.
    also, i went thru the same phase in middle school and early high school. i wore grant hill Filas and basketball jerseys, and was die hard obsessed with tupac and lost my mind when he died. hahaha


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