Monday, July 29, 2013

Things I learned this weekend

1. Climbing over walls and crawling through mud is actually really, really fun.

2. But, that said, you should know that I'm more of an indoorsy kind of girl.
3. This is problematic since my apartment hasn't been below 80 degrees in months.
4. Have I mentioned yet that I hate summer?

5. The Way Way Back was filmed almost entirely at Water Wizz in Wareham, MA. This brought back vivid memories of my childhood and also pee-filled pools.
6. Diesel Cafe has morning glory muffins, which, in my opinion, are the best, yet most underrated kind of muffin.

7. I wonder if other people have such strong feelings about muffins.
8. I started reading The Golden Compass, which features a character named Mrs. Coulter who may or may not eat children. That makes a lot of sense to me.

9. You're probably really jealous that I own this:

10. Yesterday, I accidentally called Boo a "doke" instead of a dick. I think I'm onto something.
11. I had to take a long break from writing this because I was mesmerized by this commercial:

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