Monday, July 15, 2013

Things I learned this weekend: Volume 9?

1. One of my major anxieties every week is wondering what volume I'm on for these things and how long I have to use volumes and will this madness ever end?! Someone tell me I can stop.
2. My life is pretty good if this is a major anxiety.
3. Newbury Comics has a whole section devoted to cat shirts.


4. You know you were in grad school for too long when the best thing you can come up with for a comedy act is a powerpoint.
5. You know you were a pretty shitty grad student since you still don't even know how to do animations on Powerpoint.
6. Putting a picture of a vibrator on a PowerPoint equals guaranteed laughs.
7. This is the most I have ever learned about PowerPoint.
8. I like to combine risks like speaking in front of crowds and wearing light-washed jeans.


9. I have really wonderful friends who support me even when I tell them they're not allowed to. (Thanks, guys.)
10. Emus are not alpacas. What's an alpaca?


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  1. alpacas are like llamas kinda but smaller and from peru I believe.

    Also I have a taco kittens in space shirt that I love.

    also link up with weekend shananigans and you don't have to worry about volume numbers. plus people can find your blog!

  2. Hi Katie, I attended the event mentioend above. While I love all things feminist and cats, I was saddened to hear the repeated "cheese" reference.

    I hope you can devote few minutes to read this article:
    that asks challenging questions about feminism and animal rights. An industry that uses "rape racks" (I swear it's the name for it) to impregnant female nonhuman animals and then brutally separate day old babies from their moms so you can enjoy cheese, is probably not what you had in mind when you came to feminism.

    Thanks for reading and I hope it's helpful or at least eye opening!

  3. @omer: Oh man, I'm unfortunately not even surprised. Our food industry is pretty fucked up in general. You can feel guilty about eating pretty much anything these days.


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