Monday, July 8, 2013

Things I learned this weekend: 4th of July Edition (Extended Cut)

1. I am so grateful to have so many incredible people in my life. I already knew this, but I like to say it a lot.
2. Although I'm quite happy to not live there anymore, I'm pretty lucky to be from the Cape because, well, this:

3. I love the beach, but I'm terrified of the sun.

4. It's no surprise where my love for music comes from. Pretty much all my parents and I did when we were together this weekend was listen to jams.
5. On that note, my sister and I were both named after Steely Dan. Remind me to tell you a funny story about that sometime.

6. I was Asian when I was a baby.

7. I've been talking a lot about moving to another city, but a quick trip to Eastie reminded me how beautiful Boston is. Eastie. Who the fuck would have thought?

8. Meat pies are okay, I guess.
9. Cats follow me wherever I go, including city parks.

Quality photo.

10. Singing Pocahontas at the bar is a good way to bond with strangers. So is talking about hip hop and feminism.
11. My new method of cooking is to just throw a bunch of shit in a pan and cross my fingers. So far, so good.

12. I should never be allowed to go to Target.
13. Boo is not impressed by my singing, even though all of my songs are about him.

Always be my babis.

14. In college, during the summers, I used to work in the parking lot at the beach. My dad was recently making small talk with one of the girls who works there now and said, "My daughter used to do this." And she said, "When?" And he said, "Around 2004." And then she said, "Oh, I was 5." So.


  1. you're wonderful. I love all your facts and love that you're a kitten magnet.

  2. Also. get a button or let me make you one so I can tell everyone about you always

  3. @Adriana: I don't really know what a button is! I'm terrible at the internet...

  4. Your really are pretty funny. thanks for coming over to meet the gang with Patrick.

  5. Aww thanks, Coco. I had a blast! You Goulets sure know how to treat guests.

  6. I was Asian as a baby as well.
    Our life similarities are starting to freak me out. You'll probably be fine though, you went to Harvard and your hair always looks good.


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