Monday, July 1, 2013

Music of My Heart*

Whenever I tell people that I don't really like to watch movies they give me horrified looks and then scream at me, "WHAT DO YOU DO THEN?!" Well, first of all, I say, everything else in the world you could do other than watch a movie. And then, after that, I sit in my room, alone, and listen to music for an extended period of time.

Trust me, I was always this emo. As a teenager I would listen to the Doors and Dispatch (but never, ever Phish) for hours and hours.  My parents thought I was secretly smoking weed in my bedroom, but, in actuality, I wasn't even cool enough to do that. I was mostly laying on my floor writing lyrics down on post-its and putting them all over my walls.

However, during the summer of 2006, also known as The Worst Summer Ever, I would smoke cloves and listen to Death Cab for Cutie and Bright Eyes at the beach. I thought I had a broken heart, but it was really just mono.

You guys, how was I so hip?!

Anyway, I still sit in my room for hours listening to music not smoking weed but also not writing things on post-its because that's wasteful, and I could never find a pen on my shit-hole of a desk anyway:

This is the way I live.

Every night, the following interaction occurs:
Me:  I'm going to bed.
Roommate: Ok, good night.
Me: (Goes into bedroom, listens to music for 2 hours, falls asleep with it blaring.)
Roommate's boyfriend: Was Katie listening to Notorious BIG at 2 in the morning?
Yes. Yes, I was.

On that note, you should know how ridiculously random my music collection is. On a recent road trip, I put my old iPod on shuffle and the following sequence of artists came on:
  1. Rage Against the Machine
  2. Fleet Foxes
  3. TI
  4. Hall & Oates
  5. Radiohead
I also have long love affairs with albums. It's weird because I can't seem to pay attention to movies, but I will listen to the same album on repeat for weeks at a time. Sometimes even months. When The 20/20 Experience came out, I listened to it for two straight weeks without breaking. On my way to work, at work, on the way home, etc. You'd think after all that time I'd know what the fuck JT says in Mirrors, but I have not one clue. I've definitely been singing along (loudly) for months without ever using an actual English word.

More recently, this chick has been my obsession:

She's only 23, but brilliant and also a bit gory. There's a lot about blood and bones going on in her lyrics. I'm like, how are you so eloquently bitter at such a ripe age? I'm 27 and just regular bitter. I think I need someone to stab my heart out or something so I can get a record deal. Also some musical talent would help.

Until then, I'll just keep my singing to myself (and my room). You're welcome.


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  1. I was totally going to ask you if you've seen "Pitch Perfect" but then clicked back to your last post about not liking movies and saw that I asked the same question there. HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET?

  2. I haven't! I'm the worst at movies. I'll try really hard.


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