Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We need to talk about Robb.

I have to talk to you about Robb Stark, and you're probably not going to like what I have to say. I liked Robb up until the point he married that chick and then I thought he was a selfish idiot. There is no time for love in this system. Who marries for love?! No one. Women are sold off left and right and then hand-delivered by a gaggle of drunk men to a bedroom to be statutorily and/or "legitimately" raped by their new husband, and you CHEER THEM ON. I saw you. You clapped. Yet, you had the audacity to break promises and put your entire family (and war effort) in jeopardy to marry a hot girl. I know that in the book you're like technically 15 or something, so I get that you had "feelings" or whatever, but come on dude. When you're 15 you should also probably still listen to your mom, which you didn't, and look what happened, Robb. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. 

Then again, I love me a tragic hero, so thanks for filling that role. However, one day, I'd like to see the Starks shed some of their honor and fuck shit up.  I'm looking at you, Arya.

[Book readers: Please don't tell me anything. Thank you.]


  1. This is great. In the books, Robb was one of my favorite characters (and he is less present in them than on the show, idk if that says something about him overall or not). In the show, I mostly liked him just because he was hot and because the Starks are some of the most root-able characters in the story. But where he seemed dumb with honor (a la Ned) when reading, his show counterpart just seemed dumb with dick. Even when they gave him all of Cat's good ideas, like treating with Renly, to pass off as his own.

    I was most sad about Grey Wind.

  2. @Kim: I totally agree. I was going to include a disclaimer about how I would still totally do Robb in this but opted not too since it kind of contradicted my whole point.

    Also, I absolutely lost it when they killed Grey Wind. I was crying and moaning, and Boo woke up from his slumber to stare at me with a concerned "Are you going to be ok?" look.

  3. I love hearing that everyone was crying during this episode. I did not, but only because I refuse to give that rat bastard Robb my tears. NO ONE HAD TO DIE. I knew I wasn't wrong for hating his wife and that my hatred wasn't based just on jealousy. I remember asking at the beginning of the season, "Isn't she dead yet?", and Kim laughing. It was fun/horrifying to find out why.

  4. I expected you two (and only you two) to comment on this, so thanks for fulfilling my dreams. Or whatever.


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