Monday, June 3, 2013

Things I learned this weekend: Volume 5 or 8

1. I think I put more work into surviving an 11-hour graduation in 94 degree heat than I did actually earning my degree.
2. Oprah didn't give me a car or a unicorn or anything!
3. The best speech of the day was this one:

4. I should never take shots. No one should ever take shots. Shots should be outlawed.
5. Twice (twice!) a bar tender refused to take a cat sticker from me. Kind of rude, but whatever.
6. Tina Fey's book is much better than Mindy Kaling's. Mindy's is basically a disappointing collection of lists. It's also exactly like what my book would be if I were to ever write one.

(I still love her, though.)

7.  I can't remember the last time I went to a bar and did not have a discussion about dragons vs. direwolves with someone.
8. Speaking of direwolves, Game of Thrones ruined my life last night, so.
10. But on the bright side, even considering the number of times I've been ditched by a guy, at least I'm not as big of a loser as Ygritte, right? Girl was dissed and dismissed.

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