Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Reunions IRL

About a year ago... maybe two years ago... at some point in the past, I friended one of my cousins on Facebook. I think we met once when we were babies. Or, when she was a baby and I was a toddler. Look, I clearly don't remember the details. The point is, I haven't seen her in a very very long time. But, this weekend, we are reuniting in NYC and eventually making our way back up to Boston together in a rental car.

Given my experience with internet friends and internet dates, I don't find this weird at all. I think it's great. Also, we have a pretty fantastic weekend planned that includes Brooklyn, The Postal Service, Italian pastries, and cheese. And wine. Duh.

Speaking of Brooklyn, I am driving there and fully intend to roll up to the Holiday Inn Express that we're staying at playing Jay-Z. I feel like that's customary, right?

Oh, and speaking of driving, I do it like twice a year and never in New York City, so wish me luck. Are we going to die? Please say no.

Anyway, this is an example of how social media can be pretty awesome. Without it, I  may never have bonded with my long lost cousin over musical interests and wizardry (and apparent nerdiness), and almost definitely would not be driving 3-6 hours to meet her at JFK, into which she'll be flying all the way from Florida just to hang out with me (and also to see The Postal Service).

Yay, internet!


  1. I thought this post was going to be entirely about me. WTF.

  2. but like... thats not Julie Andrews

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