Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lady Slipper or Lady Part?

I was considering playing a game with you all called, "Lady Slipper or Lady Part?", which would involve zoomed in pictures of Lady Slipper flowers and also vaginas and your deciding which is which. I ultimately nixed this idea because it's fucking disgusting, though it took me a lot longer to get to that conclusion than it would most people. You're welcome.

Seriously though:


Lady Slippers are an endangered specie, and as I say about most endangered species: who gives a shit? One time in high school, my friend Chris and I went on a nature walk and kicked them. It made us feel bad ass.

Please don't tell anyone that.

Editor's note: According to Google's spell check, vaginas is not a word. Apparently it's vaginae. Someone confirm this for me.


  1. The Latin scholar in me confirms this. Vagina is a feminine noun so the declension (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, and ablative) goes as follows... (singular) vagina, vaginae, vaginae, vaginam, vagina and then (plural) vaginae, vaginarum, vaginis, vaginas, vaginis.

    So yes, the nominative plural of vagina is vaginae.

    This concludes our Latin lesson about pussy.

  2. Also, Lady Slippers rock. Just saying.

  3. hahahaha i can't even handle "latin lesson about pussy." they should really incorporate that into the k-12 curriculum. way more kids would take latin.

  4. lmao. Agreed. "This concludes our Latin lesson about pussy." is probably the best thing posted anywhere on the internet this week.

    If only all the mysteries of lady parts could be explained with etymology

  5. the reason it has those endings is not that it's feminine but that it's a first declension noun. masculine first declension nouns would also have the same endings (e.g. poeta, poetae, m.). most feminine nouns are actually third declension with a totally different set of case endings.

  6. but i'm definitely with you on this britt, lady slippers are awesome, and katie should be punished for kicking them by having her lady slipper kicked.


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