Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I was recently notified that, on the season 2 premier of Girls, Lena's character dresses up as a Quaker. Does that sound familiar to you any of you?


This is the 3rd *recorded* time that someone who makes way more money than I do has STOLEN one of my jokes.

Instance 1: Circa 2006, I wrote a potential SNL sketch about the Virgin Mary finding out she's pregnant with God's child on the Maury Povich show.

Then this happened:

(Except in my version, God actually was the father, and he wasn't happy about it. Neither was Joseph. Trick ass hoe.)

Instance 2: While watching Rudolph this holiday season, I had a revelation that the story is really a social commentary on the plight of the Jews. Think about it. Rudolph is cast out because of his nose; the elf is snubbed for wanting to be a DENTIST. Concidence? I think not.

And neither, apparently, does Andy Borowitz:

What the M-F fuck?

There are only three possible reasons why this *keeps* happening to me:

1. Celebrities around the world are evesdropping on my conversations.
2. I have no copyrights nor anyway to prove that I said any of these things unless you trust the word of my friends (which you totally should).
3. I'm unoriginal (!!!!)

This is the darkest day.
Me: I'm just really upset right now because she has a hit show on HBO and I have a blog that 100 people read.
Meredith: You also have a basement apartment.
Me: I don't even have a basement apartment. I RENT a basement* apartment. 


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