Monday, December 31, 2012

Calling all food bloggers, nutritionists, and people with a lot of time on their hands.

Yesterday, I reached an all time low. Or, more accurately, an all time high. I went skiing for the first time this season and couldn't button my ski pants. I also couldn't zip up my ski coat with any type of layer on underneath and it was 18 degrees out, so I had to borrow a coat from a friend. Just picture me skiing down Okemo mountain in a men's jacket and unbuttoned pants.

This is serious, you guys. I need help. For the past few months I've lived off of frozen foods, take-out, and beer. I'm like a 40-year-old bachelor. Something's gotta give.

I need to start cooking again, but I've lost all motivation and direction. Cooking-for-one blows. When I used to cook for myself, I'd end up eating the same thing for 6 days in a row or throwing away a lot of food. It became boring and wasteful. It also became really convenient to walk across the street and pick up falafel.

So here's what I'm looking for: a meal plan for single ladies. I did some Google searching and got disappointing results. Yet, I know this is something not only I, but many other people my age, want. So if you feel so inspired, you could make one and change the lives of a lot of single people who can't button their pants.

If you have any recommendations or plans, please put them in the comments here. Or, you can send me an email at Or, you can write your own blog post and I'll link to it or guest post it here.

This is a cry for help, people! I need you.

Oh, and here are some things to keep in mind: I don't want to eat the same thing every day. Obviously, I'm looking for something healthy, but if I see any mention of fat-free cheese, I'll cry. And please please please don't ever once mention the word "calories." Thank you!


  1. You should be a model for ski goggles. Lovely.

  2. 2012: the apocalypse of my waistline. Ive only made one meal from this but it was good and only makes one day of leftovers.

  3. YES! cooking for one totally blows, if you find anything alert me ASAP.

  4. I suggest weekly meal planning, which helps a lot for leftovers for lunch. Examples below:

    The key is buying frozen chicken or salmon in the pre-packaged bags so when you need to cook for one, your serving size is already measured and ready to go (you take one out at a time). Salad can be used for lunch the following day, same with leftover pasta.

    Sunday: Turkey Meatballs Over Whole Wheat Pasta
    side: Salad

    Monday: Salmon with Asian Mariande
    sides: Brown rice and sauteed bok choy

    Tuesday: Mexican Chicken Bowls [recipe on Pinterest]

    Hope this helps!


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